Maryam Sanda: Man advices fellow men to check their women’s tolerance level by ensuring she catches him cheating ‘at least two or three times” before marriage

A man has advised men to check their women’s tolerance level before marriage by ensuring the lady catches them cheating once or twice. He said this is often to avoid a situation whereby the lady later stabs the man when she finds out he’s cheating.


Chidi Ogudu said this in reaction to the sentencing of Maryam Sanda who killed her husband allegedly due to infidelity on his part.

He advised men that it’s better they cheat before marriage and while doing so, they ought to make sure the woman they will marry catches them. If the lady plays it cool, then she has the spirit of forgiveness and is a wife material.

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He went on to use Tuface and Annie Idibia as an example. He said that regardless of what Tuface does now, Annie will forgive because she saw that side of him before marriage.

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