Sowore to embark on a Volunteer Teaching Job In Abuja

The publisher of Sahara Reporters and presidential candidate of the in 2019 general elections Omoyele Sowore Monday said he was ready teaching Government or Geography in a Government-owned secondary school “while sitting idle in Abuja.


He said he searched for a public school where he could teach on Monday. But the principal had “disappeared” before he need to the school.

“Today I began have been searching for a public school where I could teach “Government” or Geography while sitting idle in Abuja,” Sowore said during a post on his Instagram

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“So we went to a public school but by the time we arrived there, the Principal had disappeared on us. Great thanks to students and teachers who welcomed us.”

It is unclear if Sowore had a prior arrangement with the school or if the principal knew he was coming.

Sowore didn’t say if he was allowed teach in the school either of the subjects he mentioned. He, however, posted pictures that showed he was warmly received by teachers and students of the school he visited. is currently unproved on charges of treason, cyberstalking Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, money laundering among other charges.

After spurning a couple of court orders for his release, the attorney-general of federation Abubakar Malami ordered his release in December.

Sowore, who has remained in Abuja since he was released, cannot travel without the permission of the court.

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