The Real Stories Behind Every Song In Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings Will Only Make You Love Her More

We all know and have heard of Dolly Parton’s songs, but what is the real story behind her songs. Thanks to Netflix, we now know Well, the Netflix series Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, which will certainly pull at yours.


Each episode of this series, showing now, has Dolly partons taking fans behind the music to talk about most of her songs, like ” Jolene” are really about. According to her,. ” That one is not only about a woman trying to her man, but something deeper.

However, Parton does admit that “Cracker Jack” really is about a dog, and the controversial “Down From Dover” is also one of her favorites. Parton is spilling all the tea in this new series so get ready to drink deep.

Along with Parton’s musical stories, Heartstrings also brings the tales of her tapes to life. The eight-part series features celebrities like Julianne Hough, Scandal’s Bellamy Young, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Dolly, herself, acting out each song. Yes, this series is so pure it might literally break your heart.

But, it’s also a celebration of Parton’s music and how it’s affected people for more than 50 years. 

So, pull up a chair and get ready to learn a little more about Parton’s discography from Dolly herself.

What’s The Song In The Series?  
The 1974 track has Parton pleading with a woman of auburn hair not to steal her man, “just because she can.”

What’s The Real Story Behind The Song? 
Parton says it was named after “a sweet little girl” who came to one of her shows looking for an autograph. “It just stuck with me,” Parton said of the name. “I even told her then that someday I might write a song using that name.”

It wasn’t until a few years later that she actually followed through on that promise. The song was inspired by the time Parton caught her husband Carl Thomas Dean flirting with a “red-headed hussy at our bank.” The song is about how that experience made her feel. As to why the song still resonates with people 45 years later, well, Parton says it’s because “most of us have actually had a Jolene or a Joe in our lives.” But, in actuality, Parton says the song isn’t really about the other woman (or man), it’s about our own insecurities. “We’ve all felt like we might lose someone we love to someone else because we’re not good enough.” Dolly really hitting us with those truth bombs in episode 1.

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