The Enugu state Police has parade pastor (Sunday Egbo) for alleged rape of follower

The Enugu state police force has on Tuesday paraded one Sunday Egbo, pastor and founder of Christ Mercy Ministry, Ajuona Obukpa, in Nsukka l.g.a of Enugu state for alledgly raping of a member of his church.


The suspect who was paraded together with 36 other convict at the police headquarters, According to the “commissioner of police , Ahmed Abdur-rahman” the fake pastor had on November 9, 2109, has alledgly invited one Ukwueze Ifebuche Blessing with the aim of organising a crusade on that very day by 6pm.

The suspect has asked the victim to come along with pictures of her brother who is sick for prayers.

On her arrival, the pastor took her to his own house and left, telling her is going to bring other people who were suppose to come for the programme but returned back about 11pm made forcefully pulled her to his room, brought a magic stone and threatened to take her life if she raised alarm.
She was ordered to remove her clothes by the pastor which she refuse but was forcefully pulled by the pastor and she was raped, Ahmed said.
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According to the commissioner of police the pastor not satisfied seized her pant, brazier and brought out a small bottle and wanted to insert it into her private part, she struggled and ran to the door naked and started shouting for help which attracted near by neighbours who came and invited the police for her rescue and the pastor was detained.

The suspect confessed to have committed the crime when been asked by journalist.

Egbo said: I actually raped in my house

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