Undergraduates And Cultism In Nigeria University

It is now not news that a large proportion of our youths have lost there lives through cultism that most of them truly indulge themselves in once they get inside the walls of universities.


Most of those youths trace the history of there so called teams as a freedom fighting group, i think the freedom fighters and activists like Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and then several others were against the operation placed on the Black race by the whites.

Africa is at least experiencing civilisation nonetheless our youths kill themselves like dogs within the name of fighting for freedom. What freedom then are we seeking?
Recently there are huge killing in Kogi state and Benue as a results of these cult activities, generally innocent individuals are killed as mistaken identity.

Is there anyway our youths may be convinced to come back along and work towards creating this nation a much better one? Alot of individuals are unable to graduate from the University due to cultism, some end up abandoning the degree for worry of their lives thereby increasing the speed of unemployed youths in the country.

Students and small children ought to be enlightened a lot of on the unhealthy impact of cultism, an enlightened child can ne’er fall victim to the present evil, they ought to be thought what freedom fighting truly meant and what our leaders did for us.

Nobody ought to be brainwashed concerning the activities of Mandela and a number of {other|and several other} other activists, yes we all know they agitated for freedom however they weren’t killing themselves on the road like the present youths do this days.

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