The Lion Squad Urge Federal Government to declare, Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo (A.K.A Tompolo) A free Man.

By Boukan Godwin


The Lion Squad can’t hold it anymore again to see our Niger Delta Son hiding in the forest because of crime he doesn’t commit. It almost 4 years Gen. Tompolo has been declared wanted by the EFCC, Federal High Court and the Federal Government itself lead by President Buhari. Tompolo was declared wanted January 12, 2016

Tompolo is wanted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in relation to the offence of conspiracy, illegal diversion of the sum of N34, million and N11.9 million belonging to the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency.”
Okerenkoko Feibagha-Ogbo warn Bayelsa youths not allow their selves to be use as political thugs due to any reason:

This allegations on Tompolo were all fakes, those who pressurize and conspira with Federal Government and EFCC to declare tompolo wanted, did it out of jealousy and hatred. Gen. Tompolo has been known all over the world as a Freedom fighter, someone who fight for liberation of the Niger Delta.

Before Tompolo was declared wanted, he has about more than one thousand Niger Delta students under the TOMPOLO FOUNDATION he has sponsored to school home and aboard, Tompolo has also done so many good things to old women, old men and youths as well.

Recently, one of the campaigns in Bayelsa Governorship election we were shocked when the present lead Government administration Party chairman, using Gen. Tompolo as a campaign tools. The way the APC party chairman was campaigning with the name of Gen. Tompolo, was like Gen. Tompolo is a friend with the federal government, and if he was a friend with the federal government we should have seen them declaring him a free Man.

The absence of Gen. Tompolo in Niger Delta and Ijaw Nation is making so many things go wrong in our region.
the Federal Government and some evil leaders in Niger Delta are conniving to take the life of Tompolo just has they did in the time of Major Gen. Jasper Isaac Boro, but thank God their plans are failing one by one because the living God we serve in Niger Delta are also with him. A man must not die before he is called a hero, Gen. Tompolo is indeed a living Legend.

The Lion Squad is pleading with the federal government of Nigeria to declare Gen. Tompolo a Free man so that he can continues with his good works in the Niger Delta region.

The Lion Squad.

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