Nigerian soldiers laid siege to Oporoza, the traditional headquarters of the Gbaramatu Kingdom, on Thursday morning starting at 10am, according to reports.
Hon. James Dakawei, SupervisingCouncilor Environment Warri South West LGA Delta State, has just been informed that the Nigeria Military Siege in Gbaramatu kingdom is as a result of the forth Coming governorship election in Bayelsa State, which is to be held on the 16th of November 2019.
Hon. James Dakawei here by use this medium to call on the Delta State Government and the Federal Government to quickly find a means to solve this issue at hand now, because the people of Gbaramatu kingdom are very peace lovely people, Right for when they accept the Amnesty which led to the lay down of arms in 2009.
It well knew to the public that the Gbaramatu Kingdom originated for Bayelsa, Gbaran Kingdom.
Even if the Gbaramatu kingdom is related to Bayelsa State those not mean they will support violent in the governorship election rather they will prayer for peace to reign during the election.
Hon. James Dakawei also make a fact to the public that the Gbaramatu kingdom is not in Support of any governorship candidate in Bayelsa, the only thing the Gbaramatu people wish to do is to pray for Almighty God to bring a right candidate to rule their brothers.
The military deployed to Gbaramatu kingdom is an act to cause panic and fear on the peace lovely people of Gbaramatu kingdom,
Yesterday so many people lost their lives and many were injured in Nembe Bayelsa State, up still now no military has been sent there to secure the people’s lives.
Rather earlier this morning Nigeria Military was sent to Gbaramatu kingdom, a place where there is peace and comfort.


Hon. James Dakawei Supervising Councilor Environment Warri South West LGA Delta State sincerely Condemned this act.

James Dakawei Supervising Councilor Environment Warri South West LGA Delta State.
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