Nigeria Senate again was struck in the midst of requirements for feasible bills gave a bill so tricky and by any stretch of the imagination – more terrible throughout the entire existence of this country another bobbed back yesterday in the honor council of Senate.


The bill that was articulated still-conceived and covered by the last Assembly got uncovered, put in a coma machine and made it first moving stride after prophets, magicians and Alfas in Nigeria political circle have anticipated its passing.

Hate speech or phony news, NAZIS called it ‘Lügenpresse’ and it very well may be utilized by anyone to manage anyone – the two sides of our political path steer it – deny it. They fuelled and rode on the back of hate speeches to control as in legislative issues and love any extemporized weapons are permitted.

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In any case, after their appearances there is have to pick war against the odd that anticipated them to control, they ought not give chance for resistance to utilize the machine – it must be pulverized.

The Chamber that housed the lion’s share employing the twofold edged sword to battle their ‘foes’ – the press are from the decision party, of which if our recollections would work well for us came to control on the platter of hate speeches and phony news.

Early this month, Information Minister, Alhaji Lai Muhammed told newsmen in Abuja that “numerous Nigerians has contacted the Federal Government requesting that it investigated how to clean the internet based life space.

He stated, “No responsible government will sit by and permit counterfeit news and hate speech to command its media space in view of the limit of this danger to misuse our national separation points to set us against one another and trigger a national blaze. That is the reason we will keep on advancing approaches to handle counterfeit news and hate speech until we oust both.

Maybe, our Information Minister was directly in his affirmation to battle counterfeit news and hate speech however – are those numerous Nigerians stay obscure, Lai Muhammed articulation can be named one more phony news from his stable.

Or on the other hand we should state, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullah was provoked by “no responsible government will sit by and permit counterfeit news and hate speech to overwhelm its media space,” he as an individual from the responsible government took it upon himself the supported of the bill that would handled and turned hate speeches to taboo products of the soil it in order to keep away from a national fire.

May I tell the Senate and all the “numerous obscure Nigerians” that required the bill that what might really achieves national blaze is the hanging of any blamed wrongdoer to death. Give the guilty party a chance to be a pressman – shocking, if to intensify the case, the implied wrongdoer ought to be a fat cat in opposition(s), that would prompt sadly sad scenes that would scramble an out and out national fire.

The bill ought not be permitted to place Nigeria and Nigerians in any trouble circumstances, as passing the bill can add up to adding another crisp name to our rundown of fear based oppressor gatherings. The bill would threatened our tranquil concurrence – the one we are as yet battling to capture once again from fear that have been threatening this country.

Rather than giving a danger charge, our legislature ought to gain from the British government which, a quarter of a year prior, declared designs to call a summit of internet based life organizations to “talk about what more they can do to battle online deception.

Partners in Media should set up borders to quantify the exaggerating of any media spaces.

Nigerians don’t need national blaze, National Assembly ought not encourage it through its demise by hanging Bill.

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