Kidnappers Kill Man In Nasarawa Despite been paid N40,000 Ransom

A specialist in Nasarawa State, Osondu Nwachukwu, has been executed by his abductors in spite of accepting a payoff for his discharge.


In a meeting with Channels Television, Nwachukwu’s family called for greater government activity at the state and bureaucratic levels in handling the security challenges upsetting the nation.

Nwachukwu, matured 55, dwelled in Nasarawa for more than 30 years and was a sachet water vender who utilized his condo for private reason and generation point.

His pastor, Reverend Father Joshua Obile, depicted him as a harmony cherishing man whose significant concern was to accommodate his family.

The pastor stated, “He doesn’t care for issue with anybody, you barely observe him trading words with individuals.

“He was an admirer of harmony, even in his home when I come around to visit them, you will consistently observe him up and doing.  He is a man who is submitted, constant, and loyal.”

Nwachukwu was seized from his residence on October 30 by associated looters who confiscated him with money, assets, and archives of his home.

Following a few days in bondage, a payoff of N20 million was requested and after a few supplications, it was decreased to N10 million and further down to N40,000, which was paid.

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