Oritsefemi has responded to the ongoing cases that he abounded his former band mate, Chi Jungulist.

Oristefemi has turned out with a clarification after he was hammered by fans online for supposedly relinquishing his previous companion and coming on the web to grieve him after he kicked the past aways.


In a post he shared on his IG page, the singer accused Chi Jungulist’s companions for not standing up on time when he initially became sick until it quit fooling around. Peruse what he composed underneath

I Guest I am a bad influence to Nigeria youths..Naira Marley

He was a fearless man …. he was the first to travel abroad among the two of us #china he was extremely skilled, he realize I love him ? he realize I can take any shot for his sake.

he was so wiped out for such a long time, his alleged new companions kept it on till when it deteriorated for him, that was the point at which I was educated… also, I sent cash to them promptly to take him directly to the hospital… the supposed companions came clean with me that my sibling can not endure it any longer that he needs to return him to his mum .

my concern is the reason they hung tight for this long… on the off chance that you all are genuine companions… nobody can bring out cash with the exception of me … no one .. every one of you all ought to have contributed 1k each on the off chance that you really need him to endure, yet I did my part am not too rich but rather have represented such huge numbers of individuals in this life, I took my kindred siblings issues first before confronting my own .

There is no compelling reason to toss stones at anybody or toss faults! On the off chance that I decide not to promote how I help, doesn’t mean I don’t do my part! We would all be able to be our siblings managers.

No greater remark from me!

Find happiness in the hereafter my sibling, chibudo obinkwo.

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