My Ex boyfriend Is Threatening To Rape Me If I Don’t Leave My Current Boyfriend.

I and my Ex- boyfriend dated for about 6 months before we split because he kept demanding that from me even after I repeatedly told him no. I already told him before we began the relationship that I wasn’t planning on sleeping with him and he said it was alright.


About a month after we started dating, he started trying to touch me and get me to sleep with me, telling me that it was because he love me so much. When that didn’t work he tried showering me with gifts.

It got to a point where he gave me an ultimatum, it was either I slept with him or forfeit the relationship, I said okay because I didn’t trust him anymore (He had nearly raped me once).

Divorce is not an option for a failed marriage.

We split and I met another guy a month later. He is sweet, kind and has not once tried to pressure me into sleeping with him. My ex has shown up again threatening to harm or rape me.

What do I do? Am scared for my life o.

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