Man who beat up Bobrisky in Lagos traffic apologizes

Says it was a touch of misconception among him and Bobrisky.


The furious driver who battled and beat up Bobrisky in Lagos traffic on Monday has shared his own side of the story in a video as he is sorry to Bobrisky.


In his words ” What happened today was only a touch of misconception among me and Bobrisky, Sorry for everything…

Nonetheless, Bobrisky would not acknowledge the statement of regret, saying that the man must sleepover in the cell for slamming his new Range Rover, harming his iPhone11 and ambushing him.

In an announcement Bobrisky posted on Instagram, he would not acknowledge that the occurrence was a touch of misconception.

He Wrote:

It’s was anything but a touch of misconception… if genuinely it was misconception I ought to have released you in harmony. Yet, inconvenience sat on it claim you went to pull it.

“What’s more, I’m cheerful I offered it to you hard. Next time !!!! At the point when you meet individuals you don’t have any acquaintance with you will quiet down and know what their identity is.

“As about 5.17pm I was heading to a gathering when dis man slammed my vehicle from behind.

Missteps occur, yet wat got me so distraught was when dis appalling man said wat would i be able to do to him subsequent to hitting my vehicle… . ahhhhh I was stunned. I was attempting to record his idiocy when he was stating wat would i be able to do.

“The following thing I saw was he hit my iPhone 11 max as well. I got so frantic I kept running into his vehicle to gather his telephone and his vehicle key Only for him to run after me to gather his telephone and vehicle key from me.

I battled him like I was on something… . sooner or later I didn’t want to see individuals recording. I was distraught . Your expression of remorse may be accepted yet you should rest over in that cell.

At that point tomorrow you will get me another telephone 1phone 11 max and fix my vehicle. I may be quiet and pleasant. Yet, I don’t take gibberish from any mother lover.”

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