Advantages Of Public Schools Over Private Schools.

Public schools are know to be owned and established by either state or federal government while private schools are established and owned by individuals or private sectors but are basically controlled by a principals, priopetors or vice chancellors but I want to state that advantages which are:


1) public school provides students the opportunity with people from different backgrounds different class like the high class, middle class and the lower class.
2) The public school however is cheaper in terms or school fees than the private school.

3) The private have more experience and better teachers compared to the public school. In the sense that teachers are more qualified and have more experience.

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4)The public school teaches one about life whereas all categories of individuals are together in one place while the private school are surrounded mostly with rich people who are in the standard level and also the same situation like them.

There are also other advantages but these are the major one that interest me. Kindly share with us other advantage you know or otherwise share your critic opinion of this topic.

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