Who Is the real Rapper Between Vector Tha Viper And MI The Mr Incredible.

As we all know the fuss and diss that is going on in the music industry between vector and MI. Vector also know as olanrewaju ogunmefun had a diss with MI who is called by name Jude Abaga.


Their beef started way back when MI had cypher”purification” against vector. Vector replied by bringing out”The purge” followed by”Tetracycline”.

Editor’s note

M.I. Abaga to reply Vector in new EP which drops next week

This two tracks showed that vector was winning the game considering the silent auction of MI. Recently MI has released his own cypher song called “viper”. This shows that there is an endless battle between the two great rappers.
So the question is who do you think will eventually win this battle.

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