The Reason why I Am Afraid Of Getting Married

I am a girl of twenty two years of age. I’m scared of marriage. Why is it that when a man cheats it’s his right but when a woman cheats it’s forbidden.


When I was a kid my parents fight alot though it has stop now but it’s stuck in my memory. I remember one time my mum went through my dad’s phone took his girlfriend’s number and called her, she insulted the lady. But to my surprise, the lady told my dad and my dad came home and they both starting quarrelling which leads to both of them beating each other. I was thirteen years of age then.

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Recently, a neighbor of ours came to report his wife to my mum and my dad about this same matter, the man was making all sort of threats about how he was going to beat his wife because she doesn’t have the right to call his girlfriend. And all my parents could say was tell the woman she is to blame.
Please whose fault is it? Because I’m confused.

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