M.I. Abaga to reply Vector in new EP which drops next week

A few hours ago, Nigerian rap legend, M.I. Abaga announced that he will release a new EP.


The announcement was made via his Twitter account. Four hours ago, he wrote, ” Trying to squeeze out a whole ep for you guys!!! Once I sign my new contract releasing music wont be completely up to me.. so.. hopefully by next weekend we have a few songs for y’all .

When a fan then asked that, ” Please and please all we need to hear from you is reply to Vector, we are your real fans who Vector call dumb, ” M.I replied that, ” Chai!!! The thing hurt me.. he shall be adequately addressed!!! !”

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A week ago, on September 20, 2019, Nigeria finally got to savour a beef that had been brewing for 10 years. Vector tha Viper finally confronted M.I. with an actual diss track titled, ‘The Purge.’ It featured rappers, Vader and Payper Corleone.

What that M.I. fan made reference to was Vector’s diss to M.I’s fans on ‘The Purge.’

What is the contract M.I negotiation M.I is talking about?

You might remember that a week ago, Pulse exclusively revealed that M.I Abaga had vacated his position as CEO of Chocolate City Music. While it was unclear at the time if Abaga still had a recording contract with Chocolate City, it has now been confirmed that Abaga is still an artist under Chocolate City/Warner.

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