Divorce is not an option for a failed marriage.

It’s no longer news that the marriage of Blossom Chukwujekwu to Maureen Esisi, has packed up. 


Nigerians have dug out a throwback video interview of the Nollywood actor where he said divorce is never an option for him.

In the interview with Broadway TV, the actor said a good marriage is the sole responsibility of a man. When asked if Divorce is the best option for a failed marriage, he repsonded

First of all what is a failed marriage? A marriage fails only because both of you don’t want to work at it. It is basically first taking responsibility and the responsibility first of all rests solely on the man. I for one know that God doesn’t like divorce, so divorce is out of the question. Now before the both of you got into it, you made a vow…

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