Adverts Vs Quality, The real Secrets of Building Successful Businesses (Put It On The Plate)

Experiencing childhood in Paris, I recollect a conversation that occurred among me and JP, an old time friend that owns one of the most prestigious restaurants in Triangle d’or. Jean’s restaurant was rarely advertised or advanced however it was the most visited and talked about restaurant in the whole of Paris.


On the off chance that you weren’t at the Matignon or L’Avenue on Ave Montaigne in 2009, you were not significant in the eyes of the bobbling 8em society.

I asked him the Marketing secret to his success and why his restaurant was always FILLED UP and he said; ‘Put the Advert on a Platter.

I was confused, at that point he clarified further by saying; _’When you put incredible nourishment on the plate, spice it up with quality service, season it with quality cost and serve it with respect for individuals, individuals will think that its hard to disregard your restaurant!’ This inspired a deep yearning in me and made me further understand that quality is the establishment of all successful business.

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Perhaps the greatest philosophy of Sujimoto is ‘putting the dish on a platter.’ When we started 5 years prior, individuals said our fantasy was too huge and our vision excessively outrageous.

In any case, we exploited and put it on the platter, seasoned with trustworthiness, spiced with quality service and served with unequaled brilliance that has separated us from the group.

To crown this up, we included 2 principal addictions; first, we included the compulsion for association, we needed simply the best, from janitor to head supervisors; we just needed the best of society. Secondly and above all, we included customer habit.

We put customers first, listened to them, foreseen their desires and always searched for reasons to continuously make them happydaily.

This is the reason in structure the Lucrezia, we put our advert on the platter by ensuring we research simply the best houses in Banana Island, top apartments in Ikoyi and TALL Buildings on Bourdillon Road; spiced it up with unparalleled features and facilities, and served it with a brilliant cost, to ensure that we are 3 times better and 2 times cost viable.

To each business person out there, what do you have on your platter? What holds the establishment of your business? Try not to surrender the credibility of your dreams to the unremarkableness of poor service. Indeed I ask; what do you have on your platter.
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