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Van Vicker appears to have a thing against motivational speakers

It’s an ideal opportunity to venture out there and complete things
Most of these speakers have not accomplished much for themselves

Ghanaian entertainer Van Vicker appears to have a thing against motivational messages. We as a whole realize how stuck individuals are with these messages. From Social media presents on radio stations, television and working environment. It appears wherever you go; one has a motivational message or the other for you.

You go on YouTube and locate various ordered recordings from key speakers.

While it’s great to have this day by day portion of inspiration to ginger your soul and keep you alert, Van Vicker considers it to be an exercise in futility.

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As indicated by him, a significant number of these speakers have not done anything or accomplished much for themselves. Or maybe they proceed to talk and guidance individuals.

“All of a sudden everybody realizes how to succeed – in principle, that is. Put an end to voicing a portion of these motivational monomanias and venture out there and ACTUALLY DO STUFF.


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