Buhari Not Behaving Like Father Of The Nation — Afenifere

The Pan-Yoruba socio-political association, Afenifere, said on Wednesday that President Muhammadu Buhari was bombing in his obligations as father of the nation.

The gathering communicated this view while noticing that the president’s expressions were fit for exacerbating the officially strained circumstance in the country.

Afenifere’s National Publicity Secretary, Yinka Odumakin, said the announcement by the president that he gave two pastoral spaces to Kano and Kaduna due to the gigantic votes they gave him in the 2019 presidential race was disastrous.

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Talking on the continuous challenge by members of the restricted Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Japan where President Buhari is going to the seventh Tokyo International Conference, Odumakin said it was time President Buhari called a gathering of every single ethnic nationality in the country where their complaints could be tended to.

It isn’t just the complaints of IPOB that President Muhammadu Buhari should address, he should address the complaints in the land crosswise over board.

I don’t have the foggiest idea how it doesn’t strike the president that at this stage, we ought to bring Nigerians to discourse over the condition of the nation, how to cut down pressure, how to construct a comprehensive country.

In what manner can the president go to Kaduna and state ‘I gave both of you pastoral openings since you gave me the most astounding votes?

“Is that what he ought to state this season? Is that the sort of melody the president ought to sing.

As the father of the nation, you ought to see approaches to bring down strains and unite individuals as the father of all, form a comprehensive country, and start to address the complaints of all segments of the country and not to keep on pouring oil on a consuming deny.

What was the explanation behind permitting Sheik El-Zakzaky to come back to the country? Also, take a gander at their sickening contention that he needed to remain in a five-star inn. Regardless of whether he needs a 10-star inn, why not permit it for harmony.

They should know the anti-corruption mood isn’t the mood where you oversee a country. We need a pioneer who gives all Nigerians a feeling of having a place.

Until the president starts to do that, Nigeria will keep on lurching starting with one emergency then onto the next,” Afenifere said.


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