5 Major Things You Should Never Let go in a Relationship

A relationship could make you want to become a much better person. When you love someone, you may think of leaving some things to please them, to be with them.


You may consider making some changes, making compromises and just trying to be with them even if it means giving up certain things.

No need to force a relationship if it means giving up your peace of mind

Whatever you decide to do, here are things you should never let go of in your search form a relationship.

1. Independence

First and foremost: do not let your independence slip. You are a human first before being someone’s girlfriend. You are a human being with a mind, with feelings and with personal thoughts and ideas.

It is good to be a couple, but you are still a singular human and you should never stop nurturing that individuality. You should not stop growing as a person just because you want the union to grow. Don’t lose yourself to gain someone else.

Believe it, you’ll be an empty shell of your real self and the person will likely not even want that version of you.

2. Goals

Your long-held dreams and aspirations are valid and deserve to be actualized. Don’t give them up for the sake of a relationship.

Don’t lose your goals for no woman or man

3. Family ties

Family is everything. No potentially-good partner will low-key or high-key try to turn your back against your family just so you can be with them.

4. Your friends

If you’re with someone who tries to block all the great friendships you have, it is a red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.
Relationship tips

Being with someone does not have to preclude having good friends. Unless your friends are bad people who exhibit anti-social anti-progressive behaviours, then you should not have to leave them to be in a relationship.

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Anyone who tries to isolate you from friends is showing tendencies that you really should be bothered about.

You should not have to lose your friendships to gain a relationship

5. Your self-respect

Self-respect remains a big part of relationships. It is a huge element of being with someone and when you find yourself with someone who acts as if you are not worthy of respect, it is your cue to run.

Also don’t beg to be loved. It is hardly ever worth it. Never lose your self-respect for a man or woman. If they don’t know and abide by the tenets of self-respect, they don’t deserve you.

Relationship tips
Do not live with constant, intentional disrespect for the sake of a relationship. Because, really, will it even be a relationship if it lacks mutual respect?

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