3 things that shows your Partner Lacks Emotional Maturity

People would easily often relate maturity with age but that is not always true. Sure enough, the older one gets, it feels like the natural order of things for them to get wiser and have their priorities straightened but still, that is not how life works.


Saying that a relationship will be one filled with emotional maturity because the partners in it are mature in age is like saying that a relationship is happy just because the couple has been married for a long time.

Of course that is not true. Not every couple who have been together for long are happy. Length of a relationship does not determine happiness in it, just as the age of a couple does not determine whether their relationship will be a mature one.

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A young couple could have a relationship or marriage bursting with such maturity that an older couple can only dream of achieving.

That said, if you are in a relationship that is immature, there are ways to know. Some of them are listed here below:

1. Keep score

Some partners keep score in their relationship, and it is even score of wrongs they keep. That is not what people in mature relationships do.

Forgiveness and a willingness to deal with issues and move on is what people do in mature relationships. If yours isn’t that way, it is not a mature relationship.

2. Respect is not constant

While a mature relationship is one in which both partners realize that they are to be respectful to each other at all times, immature relationships are filled with couples who are only respectful when the other person is acting right or doing their bidding.

But that is really not how a relationship is meant to be. Even when you are angry, respect is not something to take away from the table. Even when your partner is refusing to see things your way, you stay respectful. Respect is a given in mature relationships.

If that is not the case in yours, I’m afraid to say the maturity level of your relationship isn’t that great.

3. You don’t care about each other’s feelings.

A look at their actions and the way they treat you shows that they really do not care about how you feel or what their actions do to you.

Simply put: they have a hard time processing your thoughts and feelings. It is one of the prime ways of knowing someone who still has issues with handling their own emotions.

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