Tekno Am sorry for having Semi-Naked Dancing on Lagos Road.

Famous Nigerian singer, Tekno has turned out to apologize for Lagosians after he had semi-naked strippers moving in a straightforward truck a week ago.


The singer and maker said they were shooting a music video and there was a deficiency of vehicles when they needed to move areas.

Nana Ama : I was Once a Truck Driver Before I became an Actress.

The activity is said to be against the Criminal Law of Lagos, Section 136 2015 which expresses that any individual who carries out any demonstration of gross profanity with someone else in open perpetrates an offense and at risk to a conviction to three years detainment. What’s more, Section 134(a) of a similar law expresses that any revolting demonstration in an open spot makes the two gatherings taking part in the demonstration obligated to detainment for a long time.

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