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Amazing! The Crazy Untold Truths About Wesley Snipes.

When you think Wesley Snipes you think of the guy that can do everything from serious (Jungle Fever), to comedic (Major League) to badass action hero (Blade).

But he’s also got an off-camera reputation as, uhh, let’s just say a “quirky” dude, and sometimes that reputation overshadows his real on-screen accomplishments.

 When you hear the name “Wesley Snipes,” you probably don’t just think larger-than-life superhero vampire killer, you think “tax evader” and probably also “prima donna.” When a person decides to become an actor, that’s not really the reputation he tends to envision for himself, and yet, the stories about Snipes and his antics just keep coming.

Well honestly, we can say he’s kinda made his own bed for bad reputation. No one doubts his talent, but some people doubt his sanity. So let’s have a look at some of Wesley Snipes’ untold truths, and then we’ll let you be the judge.

Amazing! The Crazy Untold Truths About Wesley Snipes.


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