Popular Nigerian socialite, Toyin Lawani who recently came out to announce that she’s single, has further shed more light on her newly-found singleness. 


Taking to Instagram, Lawani said she would only go on dates with men who can pay her 2 Million Naira for the said date. She further revealed that she has been getting a throng of DMs from male admirers following her announcement of being single. 

The celebrity stylist also said that being single doesn’t mean that she is officially stupid as her taste is extremely high. She added that the money which must be paid into her account before the date takes off is an insurance in case it turns out to be a bad one.
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Toyin Lawani went on to list some qualities she is looking out for. Below is what she wrote; 

I said I was officially single, doesn’t mean I’m officially stupid, my taste is extremely high 👌You must pay 2million naira to my account before I Go on A date with you , ( Date means eat and talk Oo not to raise leg up ooo )so if you are ugly I can Japaaa Quickly and won’t be upset with myself 🤣🤣🤣that I left my work where I get my Bread to make time for you, The time that I will use to get dressed and even do makeup ,is same time that I will use to make money and Run my many Businesses and attend to my Amazing clients, Take note-NO SOCIAL MEDIA LOVE , MUST BE GOD FEARING ,MUST LOVE KIDS ,MUST BE GOOD IN BED , MUST KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR TONGUE , CAUSE YOU WILL HV MONEY FINISH NOW YOUR PIMPIM WILL NOW LOOK LIKE @lordmaine2 OWN 🤣🤣🤣 AND STRICTLY NO PICTURES, MUST NOT BE LAZY , I LOVE HARDWORKING PEOPLE ITS A TURN ON FOR ME 🔥🔥🔥🔥 MUST HV GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR, MUST KNOW HOW TO DRESS GOOD 🔥

And I was serious when I said no DMs from broke niggas, still seeing some of you, Ive Replied the Rich ones, 

Before!!!! they used say love is blind, now love should choose wisely , cause Men are very deceitful, you will date a Guy who doesn’t give you money ,you will support him and he will still mess you up , so it’s best you are comfortable while they do their cheating 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥haven’t Dated in a while so it’s best I start putting what I want out there👍 And note , I might be loud on social media, cause it’s a fun place and it’s all marketing strategy 🔥🔥🔥but love to keep my Relationship Extremely private, so if you want to use me for trophy girlfriend, it won’t work, Go and use your mother 👌

Would you pay 2 Million Naira for a date with Toyin Lawanson? Drop your comments. 

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