Stop Demonising Fulanis, the Esterrners Were Also Demonised And It Ended so Badly- Kukah Warns

Popular Nigerian priest, Matthew Kukah, on Tuesday approached Nigerians to mitigate their demagoguery and desist  from profiling Fulani herdsmen in an offer to anticipate ethnic viciousness that normally pursues such despise driven practices.


The Catholic religious administrator of Sokoto ward noted that hate discourse regularly gone before any destruction at any point experienced on the planet’s history.

Speaking Tuesday at a social occasion hung on phony news and loathe discourse by the Olusegun Obasanjo place for African Studies, an arm of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Kukah compared  the silly profiling of the Fulani to what befell the Igbo in the development to the Nigerian common war somewhere in the range of 1967 and 1970.

In the event that today is Fulani, yesterday it was the Igbo,” he said.

Further, he condemned the discussion that broke around picture of herdsmen utilized on the Nigerian passport booklets, saying it was articulate mischievious to single out the herdsmen image when they are images of other ethnic gatherings on the passport.

“When I take a gander at my passport, it has the layer of arm and map of Nigeria. At that point directly before the information page where all my data is, I have the Bini. I am not a Bini man, however I am prominently pleased with this. I didn’t realize it was here, in light of the fact that I needed to experience the passport page by page,” he said.

“When I opened the passport the principal thing I saw was Zuma Rock, at that point I see Tiv dancers. Who gave them consent to put Tiv dancers? At that point I got to next page, before I resulted in these present circumstances poor Fulani man who is standing with his dairy animals.

“All of a sudden, this is the main thing we have chosen. Why is it energizing? It is energizing since this is the ideal opportunity for us to ‘loathe’, actually label each fulani as a herder. We are on a risky slope.”

The priest asked those in administration position to stand up and tell where the nation is going.

He likewise urged Nigerians to be each other’s keeper and dodge ethno-religious profiling in managing one another.

He included that the media should sifter through in picking who to offer crowd to stay away from people who engender abhor and underhandedness.

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